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Buy Tramadol Online – Tramadol Without Prescription

Buy Tramadol Online. Tramadol is a potent pain drug used to treat moderate to severe pain that is unresponsive to other pain medications. Tramadol is a synthetic opioid that reduces pain by acting on the brain and spine (the central nervous system).

The extended-release version of tramadol is used to alleviate pain around-the-clock. This type of tramadol is not intended for usage as required to treat pain. Buy Tramadol Online Without Prescription.

  • Molar mass: 263.38 g/mol
  • Formula: C16H25NO2
  • Metabolism: Liver-mediated demethylation and glucuronidation via CYP2D6 & CYP3A4
  • Pronunciation: tra’ ma doll
  • Duration of action: 6 hours
  • Metabolites: O-desmethyltramadol, N-desmethyltramadol
  • Onset of action: Less than 1 hour (by mouth)

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